Maria Konovalenko

The reasons why we are writing the Longevity Cookbook are to make the lives of our readers longer and healthier, and at the same time to raise awareness for aging research. After reading the book you will not only have a plan to improve your chances for a longer life, but also know much more about how your body works and what happens to it during aging. Most importnantly we will tell you how this can be prevented. I’d like to express our eternal gratitude to the folks who contributed to the project: FissionChips621, vannoortlotte, A, email, mattirvin, Mark GardnerZoe González Izquierdo, Joe Price, Takemi Sasaki, James Berry, hubeyh, moiramulhern, Leon Apel,Roman KopninPanagiotis Malliakas, bennett212, Harsh PareekNick Gotch, Ben Richardson, Vince Paduano, Kris Robert, Desiree Duffy, clozanas, Paul SpiegelLiz Parrish, Jovan Rebolledo-Mendez, guyr300, 2015 and Viorel Tulica. Thank you so-so much, guys!



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